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Episode 10: Ending Brunch to Stop the Gay Agenda

Maegan and Phil discuss Theatre's return and how representation matters! Follow the links in the show notes!!

Episode 9 - Shelby Stark and Design and Techs holding Theatres Afloat

We are back!! Missed us? Today’s episode we have Shelby Stark talking about the life of touring during the before times (precovid). Also, where Theatres around the country coming with new and innovating ways to stay afloat during these times; are we seeing designers and technicians footing the bill?

Episode 8: Pay your Dues

Cueer: Trailer 2

S1E5 - Episode 5: Survival jobs

Hi everyone this week's episode we tackle survival gigs and the stigma within our industry about it. If you like our show please rate and review us wherever you catch your pod!

S1E4 - Episode 4 - featuring Paul Tazewell

Hi everyone! Paul Tazewell joins us in our continuation of BLM/Pride Month special! Today's episode we reflect on Paul's experience throughout his professional and academic career while also talking about diversity in theatre and bending normal storytelling to enrich the culture of black and people of color.

S1E3 - Episode 3: Black Lives Matter/Pride Month Special feat Roderick Woodruff

For the month of pride, we would like to use our platform and provide an outlet for black queer folks in our industry in various fields regarding live entertainment to talk about their history and experience being black and queer reflecting on the current climate right now. This week, we will have Ricky, he is a playwright writing about black queer plays. He is young and will have one view and experience being a young black queer person in entertainment

S1E2 - Episode 2: Mental Health vs Professional Development

In This episode, Maegan and Phil have an honest discussion on mental health and how it should hold just as much value as your professional and career development during COVID-19. Also, talking about the current value of education right now during this time and alternative paths that are available.

S1E1 - Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to Cueer! This is our introduction and first episode! Here about your hosts Maegan and Phil and listen to them every other Tuesday!

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